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Canada in July!

Hi all,

I am so excited to introduce you to my website (with many. many thanks to Robin Whitney for her hours of help) where I hope to share the good, bad, and funny sailing adventures of Bill & Kim.



Before I begin with the sailing, I wanted to share this site (although still a work in progress, please look around) and one of the adventures I have already had this summer.

I have started retirement with a big bang!  I started off flying to Calgary, Alberta Canada and spent my birthday with Bill at his cabin at Little Bow, east of Calgary.

IMG_2051  birthdays_Fotor  IMG_2040

IMG_2077  Chilling at Little Bow


I can’t forget to mention Vulcan, the town Bill grew up in.  It is not far from Little Bow but takes on a sci-fi feel the minute you enter town.


We then headed to Canmore, west of Calgary and at the Eastern base of the Rocky Mountains.  It is a beautiful place and has the feel of Park City, a resort town.  Canmore was still recovering from horrible spring flooding and so we spent a day helping a family to try and dig out.  Golf and hiking were also on the agenda.

IMG_2149  Flooding damage_Fotor  IMG_2164

IMG_2161  IMG_2183



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