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Van a Go Go….

Now that I have my new Neenamobile, Bill and I drove it to Mexico. Because it has lower clearance than his truck, we decided to head down through Tijuana and Highway 1. This was new for us and smooth sailing all the way! We stopped at one of my long-time favorite restaurants south of Rosarita, La Fonda. Lunch did not fail!

On the advice of others who travel south each winter, we camped our first night in San Quentin at El Papellon. Beautiful beach and lots of room to run! What a blessing in disguise!

From there we headed to San Ignacio and stayed at Rice and Beans, another recommendation. How great to sleep in our own bed every night!

And then we were at Marina Puerto Escondido, our winter home! So glad to be back!!

However, while we were gone this summer, the marina’s lift, which lifts boats in and out of the water, accidentally hit our forestay. The forestay is what holds on the front sail. They promised they would fix it but it put a delay on putting Sol Seeker back in the water. Thank goodness for the Neenamobile, which became our home for about 10 days. We didn’t have any trouble keeping busy, however, like attending the Circle of Knowledge,

which included extra participants,

playing a little Pickle Ball,

and playing cards.

I held a basketmaking class,

we worked on getting Sol Seeker ready for the water,

attended more Circle of Knowledges,

and enjoyed music.

We did have to weather some wind and some rain, but the van kept us dry.

Finally, we were in the water, a little more work had to be done, but it was nice to sleep on the boat again.

Once the work was completed, we moved out to a mooring ball, while we waited for some good weather.

A few days before Thanksgiving (American), we headed up to Concepcion Bay and Playa Santispac. We really enjoy that area and had never been there this time of year. The area is made up of homes and motorhomes on the beaches and boats in the bays. They all come together to create a very fun community and we get to be part of it for a short time.


The first time we went there, we were going to stay two nights. Twenty-one days later, we were still there. There is so much to do there.

There is yoga with Debbie,

all kinds of celebrations like this birthday for Greg,

hiking with good friends, Ron and Diane,

Mexican train with the girls,

and music, music, music…

Russo also loves it, he gets to be off the leash and run,

but he was very unnerved by these floating creatures. He would bark and bark at them!

As you can see, we are not doing much, if any sailing. A small voice in the back of our minds told us to hold off on using the sails just yet so we motored all the way to Concepcion Bay and back. We then decided to take Sol Seeker to La Paz, to have some riggers we have used, to check out the rigging. (More to come in the next blog).

Before I close, I just want to share a few Christmas pictures. Bill stayed at Marina Puerto Escondido and had a great Christmas with friends and Russo.

I spent the holidays in Park City with family.

Abby, Stevie, Emma, and Kennedy
The Fabulous Four!!!
Brother Jim, Andy, Stevie, and Emma
Christmas Eve
Stevie, Whitney, and Cousin Claire
Time for jokes with brother Rick

Christmas Day did not fail! Some of us never got dressed!!

Traditional Abbie fizzes!
Thank you Mr. Bill!!!
My favorite Santa family!!!!
Abby, Jana, Emma, and Andy

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and that the New Year has started out great!!!!