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What, Still Winter?

This is what we returned to in Park City, Utah, the middle of March. Snow everywhere and my car had to be dug out, which was tricky, as it doesn’t have snow tires. I finally resorted to AAA and with Bill’s help, they were able to push me out and I was good to go.

But before returning to a ‘Winter Wonderland’, Bill and I continued to enjoy some more great times in Mexico. We had several visitors that we were able to take out sailing, well mostly motoring, but had great visits with them all!

JD stopped by for a few days, having ridden his mountain bicycle from Tecate, Mexico down the Baja Divide. (The Baja Divide is a rugged 1,700 mile off-pavement bikepacking route down the length of the Baja California peninsula, from San Diego, CA, USA to San José del Cabo, BCS, MX. Life on the Baja Divide is defined by a rhythm of riding, camping, and resupply. Baja California is a mountainous desert and resources are limited, although the route is designed to encounter resupply frequently enough to make a self-supported tour possible. The Baja Divide is a very strenuous ride that requires a high level of fitness). He had done the Continental Divide a couple of years ago. He had ridden 2000 km (1242 miles) when he reached Loreto and had 1000km (621 miles) to go. It is very treacherous, to say the least. He really enjoyed gently rocking on the boat in a bed for a couple of nights and revived himself enough to continue on his way.

We drove him to the San Javier Mission, so he could begin again. So off he went, with us keeping track of him on Facebook. Sadly, as he was closing in on Cabo, he was hit by a truck and fractured his leg. He was not able to complete his trip but is going to be alright. Maybe next year.

Shortly after JD’s departure, Gary and Jean Malone arrived in the area. They stayed at a fancy new resort south of Loreto called Danzante Bay. While they were there to get in plenty of golf, we did find time to go out on the boat one day and do a little kayaking in Honeymoon Cove.

We ended the day with margaritas and pizza at Pepegina’s at the Marina.

The week was capped off with a delicious dinner at Pedro’s. Thanks for the visit, Gary and Jean!

Some of our favorite visitors are little people. Bill has such a wonderful way with them. Aron and Alexander were very excited to see Uncle Bill! They are the sons of his God-daughter Darren and her husband Adam, and grandsons of his best friends, Brenda and Robert. (I must apologize at this point as to the few pictures of the adults).

Alexander also became a huge fan of Russo’s and Russo loved that Alexander would feed him from the table. Instant love both ways!

You can see the rapport Bill has with kiddos!

Learning to tie knots. These kids are easier to teach than I am.

One day we went out on the boat and ended up in a pod of dolphins. We stayed with them for about an hour. There seemed to be hundreds of them. It was such a treat for all of us, Adam especially. (The pictures don’t really show how many dolphins were out there).

Adam tried at one point to swim with them, but thought better of it, thank goodness.

After spending time with the dolphins, we anchored, had lunch with Dennis and Donna on Winding, snorkeled and kayaked. One of our better days, by far!

Brenda giving it a try.

We were sorry to see the kids go, but got in an extra fun week with Robert and Brenda. During that week was the Loreto Art Walk. A couple of very talented friends, who we usually see in Concepcion Bay, came to Loreto to participate.

Diane and her watercolors. We have one on the boat!
Debbie and her fun acrylics.
I bought this painting, 4 Asses with Glasses, to hang in the boat.

Our final visitors were Matt and Paula Jewell and their son Finn. We took them out one gorgeous day, again for snorkling and kayaking. Of course Bill hit it off with Finn, taught him sailing knots and let him be captain and steer the boat.

Once we were finished entertaining, we decided to take advantage of the good weather and went up to San Juanico, one of our favorite bays. We stayed for several days, kayaking, playing Bocce Ball, and walking all around. It was so relaxing and again the bay did not disappoint!

Russo doing a little advertising for Moab Brewery!
San Juanico
An evening campfire with other boaters in the bay.
Russo loved being on the kayaks and generally stayed on board.
Interesting sights on our walks.

Upon returning to Puerto Escondido and putting Sol Seeker to bed for the summer, we were able to join great friends at the rock for a potato bake and just really enjoy the beauty that area has to offer.

We sadly did not make it up to Concepcion Bay this year, but were able to meet up with some of our friends as we drove north. They met us at Burro Bay for Sunday brunch. (Thanks guys for making the effort)!

We took the advice given us in Burro Bay and stopped at at a small town called San Ignacio. It was a perfect way to begin our journey home.

As I described in an earlier blog, the road down from Mexicali was not great. We decided to brave it going home, hearing that they had smoothed out some of the rough spots. What we didn’t bargain for was rain. At this bridge washout, trucks had gotten stuck, but luckily we had 4 wheel drive and eventually got around that. Otherwise the trip north was uneventful…

until we reached Provo Canyon, and snow started appearing! After a few days, Bill got back in his truck and continued north to Canmore, were it seems to have less snow than in Utah.

Thus, ends Year 6, another memorable year. I so appreciate the comments I get from putting out this blog and we love seeing so many wonderful people in our yearly travels. I especially appreciate Bill for prompting me to start this journey and helping me keep it going.

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  1. Lucie Mewes on said:

    Wow! Everyone got to Baja! What a great winter. We finally crossed to La Paz, who knows where GEORGIA will spend the summer.

  2. Grace McKay on said:

    GREAT Blog so much fun to watch your sailing adventures.. The Deer almost look like” You’re back already didn’t you just leave”!!! Thanks for the up dates hope to see you in the summer. Travel Safe Love and Hugs Grace & Eric.

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