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A New Adventure…..

The big news this year, is that we are selling Sol Seeker! The decision was made as we bashed to La Paz from Loreto to do some boat repairs. The wind was on our nose so no sailing and we realized that it is time for a new adventure.

Hanging On!

When we told our kids, my daughter, Whitney reminded me I was getting old. I hate to think that way but later that day as I walking to the tienda, I noticed I had on two different shoes. Yikes! Maybe I am getting old!

Pretty scary!

This certainly wasn’t our intention as we started our sailing season. We had a wonderful drive down, stopping in Leeds, Utah to driveway camp with Kris and Kathy! Bill got a chance to see some of the beautiful surrounding red rocks of southern Utah.

Then it was on to Lake Havasu and Karen’s driveway. We spent a couple of nights here and got a chance to go out on the lake in Cliff’s pontoon boat.

Getting our sea legs back

After crossing the border near Yuma, we traveled down to Sa Felipe. We decided to stay there as it was getting dark. I picked the RV park, which wasn’t a great choice, Kiki’s. It was noisy and right in town.

(We were unable to get Mexican auto insurance at the border, which is a no-no when traveling in Mexico. We thought we could get it in San Felipe, but no!!!! It was a holiday! So we drove carefully all the way to Loreto, where we were able to get it.)

Our final stop before Marina Puerto Escondido was at Serenidad in Mulege. We have stayed there several times and this time they let us camp there. We know we are close when we are there.

And finally….after two summers away, we made it!!! Beautiful Marina Puerto Escondido!

We were so happy to be back, see old friends, and Sol Seeker!!! Within a couple of days, she was ready to ‘splash’ and we were thrilled that she started right up and didn’t seem any worse for wear by sitting on the ‘hard’ for so long!!!!

In she goes!!!!!

We stayed busy in Puerto Escondido, cleaning and readying Sol Seeker for the winter. We also visited my favorite Clam Shack, a couple times going to and from Loreto. If you like clams, this is a must!!!!

Our mooring ball allowed us to sit in the cockpit and listen to the live music from the restaurant and enjoy our fun mood lights.

So for much of the month of December, we enjoyed the area and had a lovely visit with Jim and Shannon, who are neighbors at Little Bow.

Then I was off to Park City for Christmas. How fun to return to my own home and share it with family!!!

different weather than the sea,
how they have grown in 2 years, Abby, Stevie, Emma, Kennedy
Christmas Eve with my brother, Jim, Robin, Grace, Claire, and Dottie. So much fun!!!!!
Christmas Morning

Then, it was back to Loreto, barely making my connection at LAX! I was able to give Bill his Xmas presents from the Cardosis’, Boomba socks. He loves them!!!

Love the grippy stuff!

After the first of the year, we headed south to La Paz. That trip down was tough with the wind and were really happy when we arrived. We quickly got into the La Paz routine,

Playing cards and Mexican Train with Sharon, Cheryl, and Diane
celebrating birthdays,
dinners with friends (Jimmy and Diane)
attending monthly swap meets,
and just hanging at the marina.

As we drive away from Sol Seeker, Marina Palmira, and La Paz, we know there are a few things we won’t miss…

Doing repairs in awkward places,
always checking the bilge,
the ups and downs of the tides,
as well as the ongoing maintenance
(Love the new ladder!)

However, there are a lot more wonderful, beautiful things we will miss…

The sunrises and sunsets…
Hiking and climbing on the beaches and hills….
Dinghy rides…
the color of the water..,
the hillside buildings…
and the beautiful bays, Agua Verde,
San Juanico,
Los Gatos….
and finally, beach firesides!

Until next blog, we are on the road in our land Sol Seeker!