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The Year of the Kids

What a year we have had so far!!!! Lots and lots of kid time, loving every second!

Most of our time has been spent in and around the Loreto area of the Baja.  Puerto Escondido, the marina near there, is now our home port and where we store Sol Seeker in the summertime.

There is a lovely community called Loreto Bay, with beautiful condos, golf, swimming and beaches, and where our visitors have stayed…

Darren, Bill’s Goddaughter, at the top of Nopolo Rock, overlooking Loreto Bay..

Jana, my daughter-in-law, playing on the back 9,

My son-in-law, Jason, riding around Loreto Bay,

a little pool time,

and enjoying the beach!

For one week in March, Bill and I flew to Calgary to attend his daughter Sara’s, wedding.  The wedding was at the Lake Louise Chateau, what a perfect place for a winter wedding.  Truly, one of the highlights of Bill’s life.  Sara and Tommy’s wedding was spectacular in every way.  The weather was perfect, the venue gorgeous and their friends and family a blast to spend time with!

Lake Louise Chateau

View from our room window,

Canada’s favorite pastime, a little hockey before the wedding,

Bill and me enjoying the great outdoors,

The wedding was so perfect, Sara was such a beautiful bride,

Donning furs for the outdoor photos was a great touch,

such a nice touch, in fact, that Bill tried to get into the action!

 Tommy, you made the blog again!

We had opportunities to see friends, like Brenda, one of Bill’s oldest and best friends and her grandsons, Aron and Alexander…

Brenda’s husband and another great friend of Bill’s, Robert…

Of course, Bill’s Goddaughter Darren and family, Adam, Aron, and Alexander,

and very dear friends, Ron and Bonnie!

Most of our winter, however, has been in Loretto, on the go, from the moment people arrived….                                     Granddaughters, Abby & Emma

My daughter Whitney, granddaughters Kennedy and Abby

our littlest sailor, Alexander (not sure he loved the life-jacket)…

giving the big kids a day-off of little kids…

Going out whale watching with friends Kirk and Mary on Interlude (no whales sighted that day)

but we took time to enjoy the cold but clear Sea of Cortez water (Andy was in that cold water for a very long time and came out with frozen fingers)…

The days were packed, fun-filled…

but exhausting…

We were busyl…..

Bill kayaking with a first-timer, Dave…

Bill’s main responsibility was instructing the kids…

selecting Sol Seeker crew,

showing Aron how to use the windlass to pull up the anchor,

and how to tie a bowline knot,

letting Emma paddle board,

giving Abby boat rules,

teaching Emma how to drive the dinghy,

letting Kennedy take the helm,

and demonstrating superhero stances!

Everybody should know how to toilet paper!  Maybe not what some would think is the best example, it was definitely an important life skill learned.

While it wasn’t boat instruction and maybe not instruction on how to dance, Bill was letting Sara know how much he loves her!

I even got to do a little instructing myself….showing Aron how to take the helm.

We also had other people at the helm from time to time….

We also received some great news…..

A new granddaughter, due in August!!!  Announced with exploding pink graffiti at dinner!!!

Even thought we did have a lot of kid time, we also had some adult-only time too…

Robert & Brenda Clarke, Dave and Treva Schultz

lounge chairs in the middle of nowhere?

Robert in shorts?

First time sleeping 6 on Sol Seeker,

Enjoying a movie with Ron and Diane on Batwing and Val, a land-lover,

and hooking up with Park City friends, Gloria and Argan on May-Tai.

Dennis of Dennis & Donna on Winding

David and CarolAnne of Leap of Faith

Lastly, while in Canada, after the wedding, we took a day to ski together.  We went to Sunshine, a ski resort in the Banff National Park.  It was a beautiful day, the snow was great, and for a couple of old farts, we did quite well!

Cheers, hoping everyone as had a great winter, too!