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And On It Goes…..

A little Covid humor!?!?!

We all thought that by the end of this summer, life would be back to normal. How naive we are! Granted, we have been able to resume some activities and gatherings with those that have been vaccinated. There is the fear, however, for those under 12 and others who are not vaccinated. Who knew that we would get so excited to get vaccinated!!

Our big news this year is Bill’s grandson’s arrival!!! Also, the fact that his daughter, Sara and son-in-law, Tommy moved to Calgary, much closer than Edmonton, has made him sooooo happy!!!!

Welcome William George Fleming!
Tommy, you made the blog again!!!

Also, I am no longer homeless. I bought a condo in Park City and now have a home base! And all my stuff is out of storage!

Sadly, Bill was still unable to drive across the border to help us celebrate the 4th of July. We did however, carry on without him. The best part of the holiday was having both my kids and all my siblings and their families here!!

We are all in the picture except Drew and Castle.

Of course, the holiday was spent at the cabin in Brighton and the annual parade was held. However, Utah being Utah, the celebration was held on Saturday July 3rd, instead of on Sunday, July 4th.

To get ready, we tie-dyed t-shirts…

played some frisbee golf….

My girls, Emma, Abby, Kennedy, & Stevie

And took lots of pictures….

My sibs – Krissy, Jimmy, Ricky, and Kimmy

All of Nanny’s great-grandchildren except Castle
Stevie finally warmed up to Andy.

Let’s back up a little. After coming home from Canmore, Alberta and spending the winter with Bill, I took advantage of the warmer weather and headed to Southern Utah. I joined a couple of friends for hikes in slot canyons, bike rides, a little golf, and great food.

Near Bryce Canyon
Washington, Utah

I was home to celebrate Abby’s 8th birthday,

and Andy’s 44th birthday. Remember, I had him when I was 12!

I also was able to attend Emma’s promotion from 5th grade. Off to Middle School next year!

The best part was having Whitney and Jason here. Besides staying at the cabin, we swam at my place and spent a day at Echo Reservoir. It was really fun having good friends, Vince and Gail, who are from Encinitas, CA join us.

and Blue too!
Sadly, lake is very low, but mud baths were fun.

Since the border driving either way is still closed, I packed the van and headed north again. I am still able to go into Canada on a special ‘Significant Dating Relationship’ visa again. I decided to take a a different route and headed up through Boise, Idaho and on to Loon Lake, near Spokane, Washington. I spent a few days there visiting Karen. It was very smokey all the way up but we enjoyed the lake anyway.

Then it was on to Canada. I had to show a negative Covid test, my double vaccination card and still had to quarantine for 14 days. It was also very smokey driving through British Columbia and into Alberta. It remained that way for about a month.

Canmore, Alberta (just outside Banff)

Even with the smoke we kept busy. We went out to Little Bow, and boy, could you tell I hadn’t been there for a year. Bill really got his 2 hours a day out of me. Repainting and touch up….

As well as cleaning….

Bill also put in his time trying to start the motor and refilling water tanks.

We also found time to entertain, which is the best part of Little Bow!

Bill’s Goddaughter, Darren, her husband, Adam and son, Alexander
Adams’ dad, Lazlo, visited from Hungary.
Robert Clarke
Brenda Clarke

Bill really is in his happy place out at Little Bow and we love just sitting on the raft in the lake.

Aron and Alexander

We were pleasantly surprised when Doug Grant dropped by. Bill and Doug grew up together and have great boyhood tales to tell. No angels there! (Sorry Eric and Grace, we didn’t take any photos of your visit. 🙁 )

Back in Canmore, we rode our bikes, with slight detours when we would see these signs,

Liquor store run

had a week long visit with Tommy and Daisy….

Tommy and his brother, Alex.

found a great Zumba water class at the Elevation Place…

and made it to Banff to watch Bill’s neighbor, Heather, play the banjo.

A couple of highlights this summer, the road trips we took. One to Marysville and Creston, BC and Pincher Creek, AB. We visited close friends of Bills.

Bill and Fred
Bill and Bruce
Bill and John

Another trip we took was to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Bill’s friend Bill was turning 70 and we wanted to celebrate. (Again no pictures). We did stay in a couple of beautiful campgrounds to and from.

But most importantly, we went into Calgary several times to help Sara and Tommy get their new house ready for their new baby.

Now, with Fall in the air, we wait to hear if the borders open and we can head to the boat in Mexico.

Guardsman Pass