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When One Door Closes…..

We finished out our winter in Mexico living in the van. We packed her up with all the things we wanted to keep from the boat and headed north from La Paz. We left Solseeker in La Paz, hoping it would sell soon.

Packed to the gills!

Our first stop was Juncalito, a beach just north of Marina Puerto Escondido. MPE is where we have stored Sol Seeker and have had so many grand times with great people.

George, Barbara, and Flako

One of our best stays was our 4+ weeks on the beach at Santispac in Concepcion Bay. We had a great set-up with a nice palapa to store all the stuff we pulled off the boat. Not sure we could spend a whole winter camping in the van, however this was a good test for that.

Right on the beach!
with views of friends’ boats…
and friends right next door and down the beach.

The great thing about this location is the ongoing activities…

reuniting with old friends and making new friends……
Margarita Tuesdays…..
Kayaking in the bay…
Dinners and sharing ….
Same view, different artists – Kim, Bill, and Debbie…
Music at the local restaurants….
art shows in town…
and celebrating birthdays!

The other great thing was all the services we could get right on the beach…water, fresh baked goodies and even propane!

Propane delivery

After leaving Santispac, we continued north and camped on the beach in San Felipe. My sister, Kristin and her husband, Scott, drove across the pennisula and joined us for an afternoon and evening. It was so great to hook up with them and we realized we had not had much adult time together for many. many years!!!!

Then it was Park City bound and I am now sitting here recuperating from a knee replacement. The surgery went really well, in fact, I was very impressed with every aspect of the process from pre-op to post-op to Physical Therapy. In fact, it has gone so well, I plan on golfing and dancing soon!!!

Just before surgery

The best part was that Bill stayed in Park City and went through it with me. He turned out to be a very good caretaker. In fact, he not only took care of Russo and me but also 2 guinea pigs, which he became very fond of.

Feeding Patches and Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Just before my surgery, Bill and I had time to visit and take in a play and pizza with Emma and Abby.

We also got to spend Easter with my family.

Once I could get around on my own (one week), Bill was out of here, rushing back to Alberta to see that grandson of his!!!

Can you tell they are related?

Although, it still feels like winter here in Utah, Spring & Summer should come soon. Now that our sailing door has closed, we will see what happens when we open a new one. Hope everyone has a great summer!

PS: Solseeker just sold!!!!!

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