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And Then There Was One……

160 boats sailed into Cabo San Lucas, of course, one backwards, and rejoiced in arriving safe and sound!  We were rafted up, some 3 deep to be able to dock in the marina.  Parties were thrown and awards were given for the most boat bites (bruises), sailing all the way, and a variety of other happenings.  Then, slowly, the boats pulled out for La Paz and the Sea of Cortez, for Mazatlán and the mainland, and many going beyond.

IMG_2951And here we sit, almost two weeks later, in the unseasonable heat and humidity.   You may be wondering what we have been doing all that time. Well…..first of all the marina has moved us into the high rent district.  We look like the Beverly Hillbillies next to these incredible yachtsThese yachts have a year-round crew of about 10, cute young adults from all over who polish and shine the boat all day.  They have been so friendly and truly glad for us and our adventure.  One young captain of the Oberon, John, offered us any services we required, including tools, service and liquor.  In fact, he sent down a bottle of wine.  Oberon is over 200 feet and simply carries the 30 foot fishing boat.  The owners main yacht is in the Mediterranean.IMG_2991Bill, as I write, is on his third bus trip to Baja Pack.  This was supposed to be the fastest and most economical way to get our part from the states.  Also, my wonderful friend, Judy, was able to pick up the part in San Diego and take it to Baja Pack in Tijuana.  We should have had it in 36 hours, however yesterday was Revolution Day and everything was closed.  There is a little language barrier and 36 hours in Mexico means we are now up to 100+ hours.  If the part is there and the mechanic works tomorrow, we may sail on Thursday?!?!?!?

IMG_2985We lucked upon the Baja International Film Festival and sat through 2 movies a day in a nice air-conditioned theater and a Red Carpet!!!! (Shirt by Oscar de la Target, skirt by Eduardo Bauer and shoes by Keene) The movies were good with a lot of social commentary in them and we left each one with a lot of food for thought.  We even ran into one of the stars of a Canadian film who invited us in to eat at a restaurant up the road.  (That’s how friendly the Canadians are!)

IMG_2976We have taken the dinghy in and out of the harbor and gone swimming….

PTDC0001 Spent time with our friend, Jay, who was in town for a few days….

IMG_2971Walked and walked and walked and eaten almost daily at our new hangout..The Crazy Lobster.  We have also found some other fun local places….

IMG_3006And my new pass time, while Bill fiddles on the boat, is to try and get Banjo, the sea lion, to jump on the dock and eat the herring I have for him.  A crewmate from the Oberon gave me some bait and told me how to do it but it might be like snipe hunting… a joke on me!  Although, Banjo does swim around us and rides on the back of fishing boats, he hasn’t taken my bait yet.  Pretty entertaining!

IMG_2997 IMG_3015 We are trying to keep cool and stay busy as well as be patient.  Hopefully, the next time I write, we will not still be in Cabo!!!!  By for now….


5 comments on “And Then There Was One……
  1. Karen Dean on said:

    Glad to get an update. Bummer about being stuck, but it doesn’t look like you are suffering too much.
    We went to Lake Havasu for a week to take our new 5th wheel down there. But, now we are back and it’s cold and yukky. Zac and V and family are coming for Thanksgiving. I must stock the fridge with Miller High Life :)!!

    It’s only 6 weeks until we go back for hopefully 4 months. I’m super super busy with work, parents, etc. etc….so the time will fly by. Larry will be here with my family for Christmas. I won’t see Brooke until late January or February. All is well in her life.

    Well girl…love your photos. Keep them coming. Enjoy…ENJOY!!

  2. Love the blog! Reading this today… for just a moment, I felt a little like I was there with you. Refreshing! Thanks! You rock!

  3. Wow. Kim what an adventure so far. Let Anne and I know when you are back in San Diego. Would love to go dancing and drinking 🙂
    Hopefully you are out of Cabo soon. In the mean time head to the Cabo Wabo and listen to some great music.

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