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The Year of the Dog…

Meet Russo, this year’s complication to the boating life. He is a rescue from the Dominican Republic that Bill found in Calgary.

While in Marina Puerto Escondido, we are usually hooked on a mooring ball so it means that we are taking him in to shore a few times a day. Well, truthfully, Bill gets the morning run. Luckily, he likes the dinghy ride if the water is calm and loves his walks or runs.

He has adapted to most modes of transportation and thankfully loves to swim.

His favorite thing, however is to run…

Bahia Los Gatos

Rattlesnake Beach
A few other shots…..
Keeping a watchful eye out
Getting him on the boat while in dry dock was a challenge

Now that you are sick of seeing Russo, let’s move on to what our winter has looked like so far. We arrived in mid-October and after having the bottom painted, we quickly put Sol Seeker back in the water. It’s a little spooky watching Dago drive us on the lift like he is playing a video game…

After enjoying the grand opening of Marina Puerto Escondido and the company of friends…

Terry and Barbara and George
Jamie, queen of Mexican Train!, from Sherpa
Mary and Kirk from Interlude

we started enjoying the surrounding area.

The first of December, we headed to La Paz, to see friends, enjoy the town, and have a few things done on Sol Seeker.

Celebrating Sharon’s birthday, from Lucky Lady 2,
and Wes’ birthday, from Arcola
along with David and Carol Ann, from Leap of Faith.
We were there long enough to enjoy some of the Holiday season
including the First Annual Boat Parade
with Diane and Sharon
and Janet and friends, from Suzy

We headed back to Puerto Escondido (Loreto) and arrived in time to celebrate Christmas Day aboard Phoenix I and New Year’s Eve on the dock.

The highlight of our winter so far, has been our trip over to Barra de Navidad. We flew over to Puerto Vallarta and drove down to Barra to visit our good friend, Brian, and check out the bays and towns in case we decide to sail over there.

Welcome to Barra
Barra de Navidad

One day, Brian organized a panga tour of the bays…

An Oil Tanker that washed ashore during a recent hurricane,
a fish we caught while touring,
and a luncheon on the beach, while a local cooked up our delicious Awhoo.
ceviche, yum!!!!!
We enjoyed looking at the crocodiles in La Mancinilla…
and enjoying the beaches and warm water.

We made sure to catch the evening sunsets…

Another fun day, organized by our mighty tour guide, was a short hike to waterfalls and a swimming pool…

Brian, who hosts the music festival, Wild Oats and Notes in Alberta, always knows where the music is and there is a lot of it in Barra….

enjoying the music

Another day, we headed over to a restaurant that Brian knew about and enjoyed another fabulous meal. We were joined that day by a friend of Brian’s and Bill’s from long ago, Kathy.

After leaving Barra, we headed just north of Puerto Vallarta to La Cruz, to check out that marina. We stayed at the most charming Bed and Breakfast that overlooked the bay.

While checking out the marina, we ran into friends from La Paz, Don and Sherri and hooked up with them for dinner.

Russo did everything he could to protect us from this statue of a bull. Such a protector.

The final little jaunt was a drive up the coast to Chacala to hook up with friends from Georgia, Ben and Lucy. What a great little town!

All in all, our trip across the sea was a great success and you may find us over there next year, hopefully. We returned to Loreto and the next post will be about all the wonderful people who came to visit us.

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  1. That’s one lucky GD dog. It all looks fab. ‘Round here it’s been snow, snow, snow. Deep and fluffy. Quite a bit colder than there. It took two days to dig your car out for a visit from Grace. Completely drifted in on both sides.

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