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Spring and Summertime in the Rockies…..

Once again, Bill and I have returned to our homes in the Rockies, and have been able to enjoy (endure) some winter.

Even into mid-May, we are both wearing long pants and sweaters to keep warm.  Spring should be just around the corner?!?!? But no real complaints, it is great to smell the lilacs as they blossom and sneeze at all the cotton floating in the air from the cottonwood trees.

We now have a new family member, Ruso.  Although I have not met him yet, I am assured that he is great and is going to be great on the boat?!?!?!  But you can bet I won’t be the one to walk him first thing in the morning!!!!!

Bill has been having a lot of fun walking him and taking him to the dog park.  May has also been great for him, as Sara has been staying with him and doing her rural medical rotation in Banff.  Her new hubby, Tommy joins them on some weekends, too!

The highlight of my Spring was a week in Boston with Whitney and her family.  I took 5 year old Abby with me, she was such a good girl and I certainly got a lot of attention with such a darling blondie!

Have to admit both Whitney and I were finally able to relax when these two went to bed.  They are busy little girls!

Kennedy is certainly a funny little one.  Whenever we want to do group pictures, she gives us the back of her head.  Someday she is going to ask her mom why she let her do that.  Did we really have any choice?

The rest of my Spring as been in Park City, just enjoying….

Abby’s birthday party…

My brothers (the photobomber is an adopted brother, Chris)

an evening at the Kimball Art Center to see Emm’a art…















and sushi afterwards…

and going to cousin Paia’s dance recital.

I have also cheered on Andy, Jana, and Emma as they ran in the annual Run for Ed.  This year they represented their school, the McPollin Farm, as pigs.

Emma presented her Haiku poem about Betsy Ross…

and Abby graduated from preschool.  (No more daycare costs for Andy and Jana!!!)

I have also found time for yoga, water aerobics, and golf.

Also, with the arrival of summer, I was able to get in a little frisbee golf.

Up in the Canadian Rockies, Bill was doing what he loves to do in the spring and the fall…projects.  He started painting his house in Canmore and opening up Little Bow. Not what I would call fun but he loves it!!!!

Just before going to Canada for the summer, I took a quick trip to San Diego to put my condo up for sale and see some of my favorites!!

The Fab 4, Mo, Jane, Cindy, and me as well as Gary and Jean and Vince and Gail.

So many memories with this group and many more to come!

Then it was off to Alberta, Canada and to Wild Oats and Notes in Tofield.  Once again, this event never fails!  It is held every other year over the Canada Day weekend,

it is hosted on the farm of Bill’s longtime friend, Brian. (Sorry, Brian, not the greatest picture) Brian scouts out all the talent and what talent.  The music is incredible!!!!

The success of this music festival is the volunteers.  We try to sorta do our part and in return earn a T-shirt.

The real success goes to the faithfuls, like Brenda and Robert.

What made it really special this year, was all of Bill’s old friends were in attendance.  Most of these guys lived together at one time or another during those formative school years, so you can imagine the stories they have to tell.  (My poor virgin ears!). Such a motley crew!

Jim, Rod, Grady, Randy, Bill, Robert, Bruce and Rocky in front!

And…Grady’s creative sleeping trailer, a pig for Hog’s Hollow!

Now we are at Little Bow doing our 2 hours of work a day, installing an extension to the dock

and rigging the new to us, little sailboat Bill found this spring….

We would love you to swing by and enjoy it with us!!!!