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In Search of a New Boat!

Here we go again, Season 4 of our sailing adventures, starts again!

We are back in La Paz, BCS, Mexico and now anxiously awaiting the finalization of the purchase of our new boat, Sol Seeker!  It has been an adventure.  We arrived here about the middle of November and put Just Dandy back in the water, shined her up and hung a For Sale sign on her.  screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-11-54-36-am

We then headed to San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico to look at what we hoped would be our new boat.airport



We arrived on Thanksgiving Day and reunited with Ron and Delise, who we had met there a couple of years ago. They invited us to join them at some friends to celebrate Thanksgiving.  The hosts were Canadian, as were many of the guests, but cruisers will celebrate any holiday, no matter what country, given the chance.











At the party, we ran into Ron and Diane from the SV Batwing, who plan to meet up with in March.

Although the boat we had flown up to see was a bust, we enjoyed our stay in San Carlos, hiking in the hills around San Carlos,




and catching the Grey Cup at the Captain’s Club.  While there, we ran into some other friends who recommended that we stop by and look at SV Sol Seeker before we headed back to La Paz the next day.  We did, we saw, and we have bought her!!!!  She is big and beautiful and perfect for cruising the Sea of Cortez.   The best part is the owners are going to sail her to La Paz for the inspections and closing.


In the meantime, we are patiently, well really I am impatiently waiting for her to arrive.  We are keeping ourselves busy, however, attending celebrations…


and making new friends.  My brother, Jim, texted that some Park Cityites were now in La Paz on their boat and when we saw the Ute flag flying high, we knew that was them, Argan and Gloria Johnson.  We took advantage of fellow fans and watched Utah play football.johnsons




I have been playing Mexican train with a great group of fellow lady sailors,





and dining out a lot as we have pretty much have taken everything off Just Dandy, to help make her look good and not too cluttered.


Terry & Heidi, Jim and Diane, Joe & Sharon, fellow dock mates.




Before heading south of the border this winter, I was able to attend the beautiful wedding of Brooke and Levi. Brooke’s mother, Karen, is a dear friend and we have watched our kids grow up and shared fabulous memories.  The wedding was in Pismo Beach, CA.



Brooke and Levi


Karen and her son, Zac


Zac’s cute family

I also took advantage of my trip to the central coast and hung out with another favorite person of mine, Jane Harrison.  It was so great to spend time and catch up.  I also got to catch up with people in San Diego!


Back in Park City, Bill drove down from Calgary and we spent a couple of days getting ready to head south for the winter as well as saying goodbye to my kiddos. One day we kidnapped Abby from pre-school and went out to lunch.


From Park City, we drove to San Diego and were able to hook up with our Little Bow/Canadian kids or brainiacs who were in town for a Neuro Science convention. It was fun to see them and show them a little of San Diego!

kidsEmilie, Adam, and Jo

Sadly, while in San Diego, my life long friend, Judy passed away.  I like to think she knew I was there and heard my heart felt goodbyes and choose that weekend to leave us.  She will always be the bearer of a lot of my memories!  I will miss her dearly.


But, back to La Paz, and the holiday season and all the activities, like a beautiful Christmas program sung by Katie, a White Elephant Christmas Exchange, led by Diane and Myself. (I guess some think I talk a lot and am a little bossy, so I would be good at this, go figure), and a Christmas morning potluck brunch on the dock with Bloody Mary’s and Cesaers!  We have also had some Christmas elves decorating Just Dandy.….

screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-9-58-45-amscreen-shot-2016-12-26-at-11-54-43-am screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-11-54-49-am

What a fun way to spend the holidays and I hope yours was just as eventful and merry.

screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-9-59-25-amFor everyone near and far, know that we love you and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great New Year!!!!  We can’t wait to introduce Sol Seeker to you in our next blog!