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Doing Fabulous Things With Wonderful People

I am sitting in an aisle seat, with a young lady in the middle.  As a guy climbs over her to get to his window seat, she pats his butt.  Oh no, I’m sitting next to a female Donald Trump!!! What is this country coming to?  In a shocked voice I ask, “Do you know him?”.  “Yes, he is my husband”, she says.  Whew!  Gratefully, this election season is almost over and we can go back to the Ceialis and Medicare ads instead of political ads!  Sadly, the summer and fall are coming to an end as well, the leaves have turned bright yellow, orange and red, falling to the ground and the mountains are dusted with snow.

Once again, Little Bow was fabulous!  And you too, my friendly Americans, can enjoy it!  I marked off about 20 acres for all of you who feel that you may have to transplant to Canada, depending on the outcome of the elections.  (Oh those darn elections!  Half of the conversations in Canada were just plain teasing me for being an American and what are we thinking?)

Although we did not get the waterslide up and running this year, there were a lot of rainy days, Bill did make improvements, adding a ramp and slide to get you going faster out the gate.  That didn’t keep us from entertaining ourselves and friends.




We had horseshoe contests (Thanks Dad for guidance),



an invented new golf match, with many a lost golf ball,



and hours spent lingering on our raft, enjoying friends as they tied up to chat.

relax raft


To live up to Bill’s rule of 2 hours of work a day, I painted another birdhouse and helped him right the outhouse, well at least consulted.

outhouse randy-bill

Bill was so proud of his truck after pulling Dennis and Donna out of the mud!


At one point this summer, I drove from Canmore, Alberta to Kalispell, Montana for a week’s visit and what a beautiful drive and great time I had.  We kayaked, saw a play, played, and celebrated our birthdays together, basically having another great time, which we always do.

kayakk-k where


Once back in Park City, I have had a great time being Nana! along with a great friend, Jinx and her granddaughters.


time spent with my sister Kristin, visiting from Honduras…

the 3rd Annual Ladies Frisbee Golf Tournament with friends and family,


and Whitney Berger makes the win!!!!whit

Hooked up with old friends.


and took part in the 1st Annual Shotski (Wasatch Brewery’s 30th anniversary), volunteering with my brother, Jim, and sister-in-law, Robin, to get it all set up…


practicing ahead of time….


and finally, helping set a world record, 1091 shots!

readyAt the end of September, Bill and I reunited in Boston to visit Whitney, Jason, and Kennedy.  Bill had never been to Boston so we explored, riding the ‘T’, taking a Duck Tour, and topping it off with a visit to Cheers!




Bill really bonded with Kennedy, which was really fun to watch.

One day, we drove to Maine, walked along the water and then ended our day in Salem, Mass.  So much to see there.

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-6-56-32-pm screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-6-56-15-pm


One of the highlights of the trip was going to Fenway Park to watch the Toronto Blue Jays beat the Boston Red Sox!  We started the evening at dinner with my darling niece, Claire, who is a sophomore at Boston U…


then headed over to the park.

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-6-58-51-pm It started to rain, so we headed to a bar with a window looking right onto center field with Whitney and Jason, Dave and Amanda.


It was so hard to leave Whitney, Jason and their little monkey.  Love them to death!!!!


Now it is time turn off the T.V., pack up and head south for the winter, get away from the crazy U.S politics and focus on sailing.  Stay tuned for progress on the selling and buying of boats.