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Introducing Sol Seeker!

Where and what have we been doing all winter? Well, buying a new boat, Sol Seeker and selling our old boat, Just Dandy!


While it feels like that is all we have done we have also had some adventures.

Let me introduce you to Sol Seeker first… translation: Sun Seeker not Sole as in the bottom of your shoe or Soul as a religious term but Sol as in the beer!screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-9-38-43-am

Cruisers sometimes get the 2 foot itch to get a bigger boat.  I guess we ended up with the 9 foot itch.  We have gone from 32’ length and 10’5” beam to 41’ length and 13’5” beam.  It is like going from a tiny sports car to an 8 passenger van. Sol Seeker has everything we wanted…especially Ice, ice, baby!!!   We now wonder how we did it for the last 3 years and especially the sail from San Diego. I guess ignorance is bliss!

The best part about Sol Seeker is the perfection in which she was kept by the previous owners, Graeme and Sherry Horne! What wonderful people they are! Not only did they bring her from San Carlos on the mainland to La Paz but they stayed around and shared everything they could about her, repeatedly, as we were slow learners in some cases. Maybe the transition was so perfect as they are also named Horne and from Alberta! The cruising community is truly going to miss them!

Once we felt comfortable on Sol Seeker and threw a little gathering on her,


celebrated New Year’s,nye


and had a ‘Safety Meeting’ to say farewell to the Hornes,


we headed north to Loreto and Puerto Escondido.  We learned something new everyday and had a grand time getting there.  We then caught a ride back to La Paz to pick up the truck.  In fact, a couple of days turned into 2 weeks as we got an offer we couldn’t resist and sold her to a great guy, Vic.  This is his first boat and she will be perfect for him.  He not only bought a boat but a lifestyle.

Sadly, I quickly went from Admiral of a Fleet back to Admiral of the boat.  Actually, it is such a relief to be one boat owners again instead of two and the costs and responsibilities involved in that.

We are now back in Puerto Escondido, enjoying friends here,

potato-bakeand have just finished a great 10 days with dear friends, Brenda and Robert.







They were brave enough to scrunch in with us last year on Just Dandy but really enjoyed having their own cabin and head!  What a great time we had and how fun was it to entertain on Sol Seeker? She is perfect and we love her more each day!

Especially when we have to weather a blow of 50+ knots!



All is safe and sound on Sol Seeker!