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Spring into Summer

Bill and I returned from the Sea of Cortez, Bill to Canmore, AB and all his projects, and me to Park City and my kiddos.

Bill was busy remodeling his bathroom in Canmore and helping his daughter, Sara,  and soon to be son-in-law, Tommy, paint their new apartment.


















A very cute couple.





He also spent time opening up Little Bow and getting it ready for another fabulous summer!

















For Mother’s Day, I flew to Boston to see Whitney and her family and what a great trip! I hadn’t seen Kennedy in 7 months and boy had she grown!



Another cute couple, Jason and Whitney.
























My niece, Claire, attends Boston University, so it was fun to see her!!










Kennedy’s first visit to a zoo, no fear there.
















Boston’s Children’s Museum








My brother, Jim, and sister-in-law, Robin were in Boston also, for Mother’s Day.








My farewell dinner, LOBSTER!!! Yumm!!!

The rest of the spring was spent with family and friends in Park City, playing golf as well as playing and cheering with Andy, Jana, Emma and Abby.



The Loose Moose Children’s Run


























Running with Ed, the Park City Education Foundation fund raiser













We attended Beauty and the Beast.  The girls were enthralled.










Attending my cousin, Whitney Berger’s, wedding…












Andy and his cousin, Harmony, 

Andy and my brother, Rick,

and another beautiful couple!!

One week, while I was babysitting, Emma and Abby, my friends, Gary and Jean Malone came to town.  What a treat, we took in a concert at Deer Valley and a day trip to Brighton.  When I asked Emma what was her favorite part about staying with Nana for a week, she said “putting on lipstick with Jean” and Abby said “that Gary is very, very funny!”

The highlight of the Spring/Summer was having Whitney, Jason and Kennedy as well as Bill come to town to celebrate 100 years of the Whitney cabin and the 4th of July!  My sister, Kristin, and most of her family flew in as well!!  Most of the time was spent at our cabin in Brighton..












Brave Abby climbing through the water tunnel.































Whitney and my nephew, Dustin































Now, Bill and I are headed north to Alberta, CA and looking forward to a great summer in Little Bow and Canmore!

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