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Now What?!?!?

We left for Mexico the middle of October, driving down to San Diego on our way.  It is always so great to visit my home for 30 years and see cherished friends while there!  We stocked up on needed boat items and continued south down the Baja.  It is a beautiful, but sometimes a harrowing drive at times but finally we made it to Puerto Escondido, just south of Loreto.  We were so excited to get there that we rushed to see Sol Seeker first before checking into the hotel.  Staring up at her, we were a little overwhelmed, Now What?!?!?!?

We put her to bed last spring but having never put her back to together and get her ready to go back in the water, left us a little speechless, not to mention it was really hot.  We couldn’t remember where we had put things let alone how to put all the parts back on.  Why didn’t we take pictures before we disassembled her?  Quickly, however, we got into a routine, rising a 6:00 a.m. and working in the cool until about 9:00, returning to the hotel for breakfast, working a little longer, taking a siesta in the cool hotel and working a little longer later in the day.  Slowly she came together and after a week we were ready to  ‘splash’!

Yea, she was back in the water were it was much cooler and we worked about another week before setting sail.  Everything worked and we love being back on Sol Seeker!!!

Getting ready was not without issues, mine mostly.  I may be getting Cruisheimers but I am going to blame the distortion in my sunglasses (bifocals) for some of my issues.  The second day of putting Sol Seeker back together, I was on a mission somewhere, and walked right into a culvert built for boats with deeper keels.  It is about 3-4 feet deep and I didn’t even see it and before I knew it I was on the ground, in the ditch.  I slammed my shin and my left arm. (Warning, this is ugly!)

Next, I am walking down the street in La Paz with Bill.  Mexico is not famous for their even sidewalks but they have constructed some nice new ones here.  However, they don’t go on forever, and before I knew it, I was on the ground, banging up my knee.

Again, I am blaming the sunglasses or maybe the head injury I got when the lid of one of the lassurettes (storage compartments) fell on my head and gave me a big goose egg.

So to prove that I am not losing it and still have my wits about me, I have taken on new projects.  My lack of background information in electrical and mechanical situations, drives Bill crazy.  I know enough to check my oil and tire pressure in my car, period. So I m reading and trying to absorb.  I even found and started to repair the Christmas Lights!

I borrowed a handy stitcher from Heidi on Cetus and repaired the seat on the kayak,

I replaced the snaps on a canvas cover,

and I have found the Bravo market and am learning to select cuts of meat and seafood in Spanish.

In the meantime, Bill has helped install additional solar panels, learned the timing and ins and out on the engine, installed insulation in the refrigerator for better cooling and to maintain the ice quota, and a bunch of jobs that require expertise.

We have had fun, however, in Puerto Escondido and La Paz.  We watched the World Series and football at the lovely new restaurant overlooking our boat,

had a great Thanksgiving dinner,

and enjoyed a fun evening saying good-bye to a great couple who have added so much to La Paz and Marina Palmira, in particular.

Living in a marina is like living in an activity center.  There are activities and fun events all the time or simply visits to each others’ boats to watch the sunset.  

One of the eventful things we did this trip is a visit to the whale Museum.  It is very insiteful and well done.  Information is presented in 3 languages and we learned a lot about the sealife around here.

After learning about whales and such, we booked a morning to go out and swim with the whale sharks.  What an experience!  You literally jump in the water and swim around them.  Their eyes are on the side of their heads so you have to be careful not to get in front of them, which isn’t easy as the one we were swimming with kept swimming in circles.  At one point I ended up right in front of him, his mouth is huge!!!  (This is not us swimming but an example)

Getting instructions first, then ready to jump! Mexico has finally started to restrict how many pandas (boats) can be out there at once and how many people can be in the water at one time.  Bill and I are glad we had this experience but also feel a little guilty invading whale sharks’ natural habitat.

Well, we set sail soon to head back up into the Sea of Cortez to welcome friends and family who are coming down this winter but we want to wish you from our home, Sol Seeker, to yours,


6 comments on “Now What?!?!?
  1. Wow! You look like me! A gal on Eileen May and I compare faceplants.

    What a wonderful time on your new home. I miss you (and La Paz) and can’t wait til you decide you’re ready to cross. (Doesn’t look like we’re leaving soon.)

    Anytime you want to talk about hydraulic pumps I’m there by the way.

    Happy Christmas holidays to you and your family.

  2. Cheryl Howell on said:

    Happy Holidays to you two!! We are staying in San Carlos for 4 months this year-close to the Marina. Will you be docking here this winter? Hope to catch up sometime! Take care!!
    Cheryl and Bill Canadian Snowbirds!

  3. delise fisher on said:

    Hi Kim, I found your blog but i don’t get your updates. I think we have changed our email to
    Ron is sporting bad road rash and stitches he got on a pickleball court.
    Aging gracefully???
    Have a good winter… our daughter is back in calgary so we may be able to visit up in Alberta.
    Happy New Year to you and Bill.
    Delise and Ron

  4. Bill Buyar on said:

    Happy new year out there. Still a land lubber in Maricopa. Flying and biking with only minor squigles in the path to salvation. Yoga keeps me on the straight and narrow. Rebecca and family are coming here in late march and we will go to hawaii for a week . Would like longer but their schedule. Riding to copper canyon infirst of march with guys from Moose Jaw. Where was the swimming with the whales located. A bit freaky but fun for sure. Happyness be with you brother. Answered the 7-7 3 times before i got it right

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