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Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

Well, we arrived safe and sound in Puerto Escondido near Loreto, Baja Sur, Mexico, but after a very long, crazy drive!

We like going down Highway 5 to avoid all the trucks and many of the motorhomes.  There is a stretch of road near Bahia De Los Angeles, that has been under construction for many years but that gets better each year.  The road above that has been nicely finished, with wide lanes and soft shoulders.  A great drive, until this year!  Unbeknownst to us, Hurricane Rosa earlier this year and then Tropical Storm Sergio, last week, have washed out many of the nice bridges and a lot of the road, and thus we were on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!  Thankfully, we were in Bill’s 1-ton pickup that handles that type of road better than a vehicle with low clearance.

We finally made it to beautiful Puerto Escondido.

Another fun but wild ride is driving over Guardsman Pass from Park City to Brighton.  Each time we want to go to our cabin this is our chosen road.  Many people find it very threatening as it is a steep, winding, and high elevation adventure.

I also took my really great friend, Karen on a ride over the pass to see the fall leaves.  With the top down on the car, we could see all around.

Of course, I went over to play in the 4th Annual Frisbee Ladies golf tourney, which I lost, even to Emma who is 8!

But a great time was had with my wonderful Whitney relatives!

Meanwhile, in Alberta, Bill was busy going between Canmore and Little Bow, closing the houses for the winter.

When he wasn’t trying to herd Russo into the truck he was driving to Edmonton to have Thanksgiving with Sara and Tommy or maneuvering through snow and elk.

Time to head south!!!!

The best wild ride this fall was Calgary to Boston, 1st class all the way!  Why? Some great deal Delta airlines offered.  Why the best, because I got to welcome my new granddaughter, Stevie Lou Cardosi, into the family.

What a sweetie and Whitney recovered quickly!

Waiting for Stevie to arrive, we had a great time…. Picking blackberries and baking scones…

attending The Book of Mormon, in Boston.  What a great play!!

and getting my annual lobster fix.

Spending time with busy Miss Kennedy, is always a wild ride.

Bill began our wild ride in Canada, taking a couple of days to get to Utah.  Luckily roads were good and he was able to spend 4 days in Park City.  He got to spend time with my brothers, Jim and Rick, watching American football which he loves, not…

dining and playing with Andy and family…

and taking part in the 3rd Annual Park City Shotski (1250 shots of whiskey mounted on attached skis gulped at the same time)….

Needless to say, fun was had by all.

Lastly, some more cuteness, Stevie Lou…




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