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Hunkered Down…

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We have heard over the last two years about being unable to go sailing because of the ‘northerlies’ or ‘blows’.  This means that the winds are coming from the north straight down the Sea of Cortez at quite a howl which makes the waves ‘square’ and too hard and dangerous to sail into.  In fact, they close the Port of La Paz.  As a result we have been ‘hunkered down’ or unable to go sailing at all.  Needless to say, we are anxious to get out of here and visit some of our favorite spots and discover new ones.

Daily, we check weather websites to see what is on the horizon.  This site,, is a great visual site!
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So what have we been doing with our time while we are ‘hunkered down’?  Definitey, making the best of it!  We ventured out to this great theater that serves us food and drinks at our seats and has reclining seats with friends from the dock to see Star Wars,Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 9.13.42 PMwandered around local neighborhoods and come across very interesting little parks.

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Bill played in a Cribbage contest, didn’t win, but claiming 2nd place,


while I sold my baskets at a craft sale, (These were both fundraisers for the local orphanages)
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and as a result have been giving basketmaking classes.


We have driven to the town of La Ventana, which is very popular with kite surfers.  After talking to some of the kitesurfer and being informed that there is a steep learning curve, Bill and I feel that might have to come off the bucket list.


We also had a very special visit with Bill’s long time and my newer friends, Robert and Brenda Clark, from the Edmonton area.  They came down for about 10 days and we really had a great time, spending 2 nights and 3 days out at sea.  One night we were able to keep Bill up until about 9:00 pm which is almost a record!

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In between all this ‘hunkering down’, I flew to Park City, Utah to spend Christmas with my great family.  It was very snowy and cold but a perfect Christmas!


The Andy Tullis family on Christmas Day.  Jana’s mother made the suits for Jana and the girls.  The hats make their heads look large but actually their helmets are underneath!  They made quite an impression on other skiers!

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Our sailing skills are not improving much sitting here at the marina, although Bill is now very acquainted with the head.  He has had to repair different parts of it over the last two months.  We are planning on leaving in the next day or two and heading north for the next 4 – 6 weeks.  Can’t wait to get out there and really sail!  Will do another blog upon our return.

Check out the Photo Gallery for more photos!

PS:  Here is another one for you Tommy, that’s 2 blogs!

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