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Fabulous Boston

After spending a month in Utah with Andy and Jana, I could not be prouder to watch them in their daily lives.  They are happy, incredible people who are fantastic parents!  What more could a mom hope for?  Especially when they invited me back for next year, guess I didn’t wear out my welcome!

I was then lucky enough to share four fun filled days with Whitney in Boston this past September.  I am so relieved to see how well she is adapting to her new life and how happy she seems.  I am excited for her future with Jason and in Boston! (Although it is pretty far away)

IMG_2691 - Version 2

I went to Boston to meet Jason’s family and to hopefully find a wedding gown for Whitney.  Both were achieved.  Check out Whitney’s blog about our upcoming 15 minutes of fame on TLC’s “I Found the Gown”  Jason’s mom, Janice, and grandmother, Josie were so welcoming and comfortable to be with!  I see many great times ahead with them!

Check out my other photos in the Photo Gallery, just click on Boston 2013.

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