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Adios Cabo, hola San Jose del Cabo y Bahias Frailes y Bahias de los Muertos

On Friday, Nov. 22, we finally motored out of Cabo after two weeks.  Our transmission is purring like a kitten, yea!!!!


4 hours later, after motoring all the way because of no wind, we pulled into a beautiful and QUIET marina.  No party boats blaring techno music ( I know that makes us sound old) and no fisherman gasing up at 5:00 in the morning.


Sadly, as we docked and settled in, Bill started feeling really crumby.  I succumbed a couple of days later…Montezuma’s Revenge!!! The quiet marina was a blessing.  We did feel well enough to venture into the town of San Jose Del Cabo on Sunday, to watch the Grey Cup (Canada’s Super Bowl).  I saw on the map a sports bar, so we went there hoping that maybe one TV would be dedicated to the Grey Cup.  Well…as we entered, EVERYONE, was dressed in green…Saskatchewan Rough Rider fans!!  The bar also was owned by Canadians, they are everywhere, those ‘crazy canucks’ as Bill calls them.IMG_3063 IMG_3066

We lasted through the first half and some rain and them cabbed it back to the boat.  We were good, other than that, for a few half day jaunts as we tried to recover and wait for good sailing weather.  San Jose Del Cabo is a charming town with a real focus on art and artists and the marina is part of a whole planned community, which is really lovely.

San Jose Art_Fotor IMG_3086

Feeling better, we pulled out of San Jose del Cabo on Wednesday, Nov. 27 to great weather and winds until we rounded the cape and then it was as an uphill bash until we reached Bahias Frailes, a sheltered bay.  This is were we celebrated Thanksgiving*, swimming, touring in our dinghy and enjoying the perfect day. (*leftover Salmon for dinner).

IMG_3099 IMG_3103 IMG_31072:00 a.m. Friday morning found us pulling out of the bay, headed to Bahia de los Muertos.  This is what my early morning “Black Friday” looked like.  These pictures were taken starting at 5:00 a.m. and every minutes thereafter.

morning sky_Fotor Great day of sailing and anchored about 3:00 in the afternoon.  Another beautiful bay but this time with a restaurant and wireless internet.  More to come.  I hope everyone in the US had a great Thanksgiving, we missed you all!

A side note….

On Thanksgiving, we started listing things we have been grateful for since starting this trip.  Here is what we have so far:

  1. each other for making this adventure a reality
  2. accupressure bands(sea bands) in rough seas (not to mention the patch)
  3. tea and coffee
  4. the new bbq
  5. farmacias and anti diaherra pills
  6. being able to fart without worry  (having just survived Motezuma’s revenge)
  7. warm water and air when the rough water comes overboard and sprays us
  8. wind
  9. no wind
  10. dry bed
  11. remembering to close the hatch to keep the bed dry
  12. a full tank of gas
  13. an empty holding (septic) tank
  14. full tanks of water
  15. head door closed
  16. we are not too old to learn new tricks
  17. the ability to laugh at ourselves when we do stupid things
  18. the instant bond with other cruisers we have met
4 comments on “Adios Cabo, hola San Jose del Cabo y Bahias Frailes y Bahias de los Muertos
  1. Sounds likw you’re sailing in our footsteps. We also had Thanksgiving dinner in Frailes. We loved Frailes and Muertos. Did you go upstairs in the restaurant in Muertos to see the model train displays?

  2. Peter Weisskopf on said:

    Glad to hear you’re finally making way. Laurine & I cooked Thanksgiving dinner on-board the S/V Tartanic at Cortez. Turkey, stuffing, corn pudding, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry. It was a quiet day at the Marina. Had a blast at the Commodores ball over at the Coronado Cays YC. Will be back out for the YC Christmas party Dec 15 and the boat parade light show. Sounds like you both are having a great adventure indeed .I enjoyed Kim’s posts. Extremely envious BTW.

  3. Gail and Vince on said:

    So glad you guys are feeling better! Keep things in perspective, we are going back to work tomorrow! The sunrise looks spectacular. Keep enjoying the adventure and keep us posted.

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