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Now What?!?!?

We left for Mexico the middle of October, driving down to San Diego on our way.  It is always so great to visit my home for 30 years and see cherished friends while there!  We stocked up on needed boat items and continued south down the Baja.  It is a beautiful, but sometimes a harrowing drive at times but finally we made it to Puerto Escondido, just south of Loreto.  We were so excited to get there that we rushed to see Sol Seeker first before checking into the hotel.  Staring up at her, we were a little overwhelmed, Now What?!?!?!?

We put her to bed last spring but having never put her back to together and get her ready to go back in the water, left us a little speechless, not to mention it was really hot.  We couldn’t remember where we had put things let alone how to put all the parts back on.  Why didn’t we take pictures before we disassembled her?  Quickly, however, we got into a routine, rising a 6:00 a.m. and working in the cool until about 9:00, returning to the hotel for breakfast, working a little longer, taking a siesta in the cool hotel and working a little longer later in the day.  Slowly she came together and after a week we were ready to  ‘splash’!

Yea, she was back in the water were it was much cooler and we worked about another week before setting sail.  Everything worked and we love being back on Sol Seeker!!!

Getting ready was not without issues, mine mostly.  I may be getting Cruisheimers but I am going to blame the distortion in my sunglasses (bifocals) for some of my issues.  The second day of putting Sol Seeker back together, I was on a mission somewhere, and walked right into a culvert built for boats with deeper keels.  It is about 3-4 feet deep and I didn’t even see it and before I knew it I was on the ground, in the ditch.  I slammed my shin and my left arm. (Warning, this is ugly!)

Next, I am walking down the street in La Paz with Bill.  Mexico is not famous for their even sidewalks but they have constructed some nice new ones here.  However, they don’t go on forever, and before I knew it, I was on the ground, banging up my knee.

Again, I am blaming the sunglasses or maybe the head injury I got when the lid of one of the lassurettes (storage compartments) fell on my head and gave me a big goose egg.

So to prove that I am not losing it and still have my wits about me, I have taken on new projects.  My lack of background information in electrical and mechanical situations, drives Bill crazy.  I know enough to check my oil and tire pressure in my car, period. So I m reading and trying to absorb.  I even found and started to repair the Christmas Lights!

I borrowed a handy stitcher from Heidi on Cetus and repaired the seat on the kayak,

I replaced the snaps on a canvas cover,

and I have found the Bravo market and am learning to select cuts of meat and seafood in Spanish.

In the meantime, Bill has helped install additional solar panels, learned the timing and ins and out on the engine, installed insulation in the refrigerator for better cooling and to maintain the ice quota, and a bunch of jobs that require expertise.

We have had fun, however, in Puerto Escondido and La Paz.  We watched the World Series and football at the lovely new restaurant overlooking our boat,

had a great Thanksgiving dinner,

and enjoyed a fun evening saying good-bye to a great couple who have added so much to La Paz and Marina Palmira, in particular.

Living in a marina is like living in an activity center.  There are activities and fun events all the time or simply visits to each others’ boats to watch the sunset.  

One of the eventful things we did this trip is a visit to the whale Museum.  It is very insiteful and well done.  Information is presented in 3 languages and we learned a lot about the sealife around here.

After learning about whales and such, we booked a morning to go out and swim with the whale sharks.  What an experience!  You literally jump in the water and swim around them.  Their eyes are on the side of their heads so you have to be careful not to get in front of them, which isn’t easy as the one we were swimming with kept swimming in circles.  At one point I ended up right in front of him, his mouth is huge!!!  (This is not us swimming but an example)

Getting instructions first, then ready to jump! Mexico has finally started to restrict how many pandas (boats) can be out there at once and how many people can be in the water at one time.  Bill and I are glad we had this experience but also feel a little guilty invading whale sharks’ natural habitat.

Well, we set sail soon to head back up into the Sea of Cortez to welcome friends and family who are coming down this winter but we want to wish you from our home, Sol Seeker, to yours,


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Heading South

Most of our summer was spent at Bill’s place on the prairie near Vulcan, Alberta.  All though it was hotter, drier and smokier than I’ve seen it in the past five years I have been going there, it is one of my favorite places!

However, it was made even more wonderful by all the visitors we had….The Clarks are always welcome guests…

Bonnie and Darren

as well as Chuck and his crew.

And once again, we had to help Dennis and Donna get up the hill and back on the road again, ha-ha!

Our summer isn’t perfect without a visit from the Brainiacs…Bill’s Goddaughter and her wonderful friends.  We always learn something new from them!  (Brenda’s method of picking who does dishes dealing poker hands)

This year was also special because of new visitors to Little Bow…

Ben and Lucy, off the boat Georgia, swung by for a few days….You don’t want to miss Vulcan and the Starship Enterprise!

Bill getting wise advice from veteran sailor, Ben.

Vince, Gail, and Blue also pulled their trailer from San Diego and we enjoyed a few glorious days at Little Bow as well as in Canmore!

Bill got some BBQ tips from many of our visitors, especially Vince!

Sadly, the smoke in Canmore made it hard to really appreciate the beauty of the mountains!

What a great visit we had!

Bill has an unwritten rule for visitors of Little Bow, 2 hours of work a day.  No one is really held to it except maybe me.

One of the issues this year was beavers…so it was my job to wrap the trees so they couldn’t chew them down any further.  We’ll see how they weather the winter and next summer.

Beaver Dam

Don getting ready to do whatever Bill needs…

Randy readying the horseshoe pit for upcoming competitions…

Robert advising on the move of propane tanks, with input from Aron.

Dennis helping get the pump ready to put into the lake to pump water up for the waterslide.

The tall, lean Brainiacs helping Bill untangle his flag and raise the pole again!

My major project was repainting the outhouse, which has now become the “White House”

We renamed it after I did a prime coat on her…

and we upgraded her by giving her a new roof and painting the inside with a gold toilet seat and painted rugs around.

We also gathered with some of Bill’s old friends and relatives at the 50th anniversary of his car club…

And joined the 2nd annual golf tourney at Craig’s Bar….

A couple of years ago they erected a wind farm near by.  It is hard to really conceive of the size of the blades when they are upright…

But our favorite pastime is floating on the raft, enjoying the lake.

Each morning as the summer neared it’s end, I would see the geese fly south, and found it was time for me to do the same.  I packed up and headed to Kalispell, Montana looking forward to driving through Glacier park.  Sadly, it was very, very smokey and hard to take it all in.  But once at Karen’s, in Kalispell, we did the best we could to enjoy outdoors…

Always a great time with Karen!!!!

At the end of September, I met Bill in Boston again to visit with my daughter, Whitney, her husband, Jason, and my funny little Kennedy.We were on the go, visiting Portland, Maine…

picking apples…

and, of course, eating lobster!!!!!

It wouldn’t be Boston without taking in a Blue Jays/Red Sox game…

(most of us enjoyed it)with Cousin Claire.  Kennedy did cheer up once inside Fenway Park, but who wouldn’t?

Thankfully, Jason has heard of Bill’s two-hours of work requirement and got it out of Bill…(checking for termites)

Once again a great visit with the Cardosi’s, can’t wait to go back!

Now I am enjoying the beautiful colors in Park City and getting in a few last games of golf before we continue south to a new season on Sol Seeker!!!!

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Spring into Summer

Bill and I returned from the Sea of Cortez, Bill to Canmore, AB and all his projects, and me to Park City and my kiddos.

Bill was busy remodeling his bathroom in Canmore and helping his daughter, Sara,  and soon to be son-in-law, Tommy, paint their new apartment.


















A very cute couple.





He also spent time opening up Little Bow and getting it ready for another fabulous summer!

















For Mother’s Day, I flew to Boston to see Whitney and her family and what a great trip! I hadn’t seen Kennedy in 7 months and boy had she grown!



Another cute couple, Jason and Whitney.
























My niece, Claire, attends Boston University, so it was fun to see her!!










Kennedy’s first visit to a zoo, no fear there.
















Boston’s Children’s Museum








My brother, Jim, and sister-in-law, Robin were in Boston also, for Mother’s Day.








My farewell dinner, LOBSTER!!! Yumm!!!

The rest of the spring was spent with family and friends in Park City, playing golf as well as playing and cheering with Andy, Jana, Emma and Abby.



The Loose Moose Children’s Run


























Running with Ed, the Park City Education Foundation fund raiser













We attended Beauty and the Beast.  The girls were enthralled.










Attending my cousin, Whitney Berger’s, wedding…












Andy and his cousin, Harmony, 

Andy and my brother, Rick,

and another beautiful couple!!

One week, while I was babysitting, Emma and Abby, my friends, Gary and Jean Malone came to town.  What a treat, we took in a concert at Deer Valley and a day trip to Brighton.  When I asked Emma what was her favorite part about staying with Nana for a week, she said “putting on lipstick with Jean” and Abby said “that Gary is very, very funny!”

The highlight of the Spring/Summer was having Whitney, Jason and Kennedy as well as Bill come to town to celebrate 100 years of the Whitney cabin and the 4th of July!  My sister, Kristin, and most of her family flew in as well!!  Most of the time was spent at our cabin in Brighton..












Brave Abby climbing through the water tunnel.































Whitney and my nephew, Dustin































Now, Bill and I are headed north to Alberta, CA and looking forward to a great summer in Little Bow and Canmore!

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Adios Season 4…

As we pull Sol Seeker out of the water, the realization that we have just completed our 4th season of sailing is beginning to hit. 

We have experienced so much, discovered new things, met so many new people, and strengthened many friendships.  Learning our new boat has been the top priority and time consumer but we have also had some grand times like….Searching for sunken boats,

discovering bays from the kayak,

sharing happy hours and birthdays with good friends,

unclogging the head, (that was a fun job!)

and watching new friends enjoy the water as well.  Fabulous, is all I can say.

We have also seen some spectacular sites,

and discovered new things, like a farm in San Juanico, where we were able to get a bag full of fresh vegetables for 50 pesos! ($2.50)

All I can say is that, just like the 3 previous years, it has been a different year but an unforgettable season and as we drive north, we laugh at all the fun times we have had.  But, the adventure we find, is not quite over.  We decided to stop in Lake Havasu and visit a great friend, Karen.  She, being the great hostess that she is, arranged an afternoon kayaking under the London Bridge and an early morning walk around the island.

What a great way to unwind because once we hit Park City, we found winter wasn’t quite over!

While Bill continued north to Canmore, Alberta, I decided to enjoy the last week of skiing at Park City Mountain Resort.

I’ll let the sign speak for itself!

Now we wait for spring to bloom and new adventures!


Introducing Sol Seeker!

Where and what have we been doing all winter? Well, buying a new boat, Sol Seeker and selling our old boat, Just Dandy!


While it feels like that is all we have done we have also had some adventures.

Let me introduce you to Sol Seeker first… translation: Sun Seeker not Sole as in the bottom of your shoe or Soul as a religious term but Sol as in the beer!screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-9-38-43-am

Cruisers sometimes get the 2 foot itch to get a bigger boat.  I guess we ended up with the 9 foot itch.  We have gone from 32’ length and 10’5” beam to 41’ length and 13’5” beam.  It is like going from a tiny sports car to an 8 passenger van. Sol Seeker has everything we wanted…especially Ice, ice, baby!!!   We now wonder how we did it for the last 3 years and especially the sail from San Diego. I guess ignorance is bliss!

The best part about Sol Seeker is the perfection in which she was kept by the previous owners, Graeme and Sherry Horne! What wonderful people they are! Not only did they bring her from San Carlos on the mainland to La Paz but they stayed around and shared everything they could about her, repeatedly, as we were slow learners in some cases. Maybe the transition was so perfect as they are also named Horne and from Alberta! The cruising community is truly going to miss them!

Once we felt comfortable on Sol Seeker and threw a little gathering on her,


celebrated New Year’s,nye


and had a ‘Safety Meeting’ to say farewell to the Hornes,


we headed north to Loreto and Puerto Escondido.  We learned something new everyday and had a grand time getting there.  We then caught a ride back to La Paz to pick up the truck.  In fact, a couple of days turned into 2 weeks as we got an offer we couldn’t resist and sold her to a great guy, Vic.  This is his first boat and she will be perfect for him.  He not only bought a boat but a lifestyle.

Sadly, I quickly went from Admiral of a Fleet back to Admiral of the boat.  Actually, it is such a relief to be one boat owners again instead of two and the costs and responsibilities involved in that.

We are now back in Puerto Escondido, enjoying friends here,

potato-bakeand have just finished a great 10 days with dear friends, Brenda and Robert.







They were brave enough to scrunch in with us last year on Just Dandy but really enjoyed having their own cabin and head!  What a great time we had and how fun was it to entertain on Sol Seeker? She is perfect and we love her more each day!

Especially when we have to weather a blow of 50+ knots!



All is safe and sound on Sol Seeker!

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In Search of a New Boat!

Here we go again, Season 4 of our sailing adventures, starts again!

We are back in La Paz, BCS, Mexico and now anxiously awaiting the finalization of the purchase of our new boat, Sol Seeker!  It has been an adventure.  We arrived here about the middle of November and put Just Dandy back in the water, shined her up and hung a For Sale sign on her.  screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-11-54-36-am

We then headed to San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico to look at what we hoped would be our new boat.airport



We arrived on Thanksgiving Day and reunited with Ron and Delise, who we had met there a couple of years ago. They invited us to join them at some friends to celebrate Thanksgiving.  The hosts were Canadian, as were many of the guests, but cruisers will celebrate any holiday, no matter what country, given the chance.











At the party, we ran into Ron and Diane from the SV Batwing, who plan to meet up with in March.

Although the boat we had flown up to see was a bust, we enjoyed our stay in San Carlos, hiking in the hills around San Carlos,




and catching the Grey Cup at the Captain’s Club.  While there, we ran into some other friends who recommended that we stop by and look at SV Sol Seeker before we headed back to La Paz the next day.  We did, we saw, and we have bought her!!!!  She is big and beautiful and perfect for cruising the Sea of Cortez.   The best part is the owners are going to sail her to La Paz for the inspections and closing.


In the meantime, we are patiently, well really I am impatiently waiting for her to arrive.  We are keeping ourselves busy, however, attending celebrations…


and making new friends.  My brother, Jim, texted that some Park Cityites were now in La Paz on their boat and when we saw the Ute flag flying high, we knew that was them, Argan and Gloria Johnson.  We took advantage of fellow fans and watched Utah play football.johnsons




I have been playing Mexican train with a great group of fellow lady sailors,





and dining out a lot as we have pretty much have taken everything off Just Dandy, to help make her look good and not too cluttered.


Terry & Heidi, Jim and Diane, Joe & Sharon, fellow dock mates.




Before heading south of the border this winter, I was able to attend the beautiful wedding of Brooke and Levi. Brooke’s mother, Karen, is a dear friend and we have watched our kids grow up and shared fabulous memories.  The wedding was in Pismo Beach, CA.



Brooke and Levi


Karen and her son, Zac


Zac’s cute family

I also took advantage of my trip to the central coast and hung out with another favorite person of mine, Jane Harrison.  It was so great to spend time and catch up.  I also got to catch up with people in San Diego!


Back in Park City, Bill drove down from Calgary and we spent a couple of days getting ready to head south for the winter as well as saying goodbye to my kiddos. One day we kidnapped Abby from pre-school and went out to lunch.


From Park City, we drove to San Diego and were able to hook up with our Little Bow/Canadian kids or brainiacs who were in town for a Neuro Science convention. It was fun to see them and show them a little of San Diego!

kidsEmilie, Adam, and Jo

Sadly, while in San Diego, my life long friend, Judy passed away.  I like to think she knew I was there and heard my heart felt goodbyes and choose that weekend to leave us.  She will always be the bearer of a lot of my memories!  I will miss her dearly.


But, back to La Paz, and the holiday season and all the activities, like a beautiful Christmas program sung by Katie, a White Elephant Christmas Exchange, led by Diane and Myself. (I guess some think I talk a lot and am a little bossy, so I would be good at this, go figure), and a Christmas morning potluck brunch on the dock with Bloody Mary’s and Cesaers!  We have also had some Christmas elves decorating Just Dandy.….

screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-9-58-45-amscreen-shot-2016-12-26-at-11-54-43-am screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-11-54-49-am

What a fun way to spend the holidays and I hope yours was just as eventful and merry.

screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-9-59-25-amFor everyone near and far, know that we love you and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great New Year!!!!  We can’t wait to introduce Sol Seeker to you in our next blog!

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Doing Fabulous Things With Wonderful People

I am sitting in an aisle seat, with a young lady in the middle.  As a guy climbs over her to get to his window seat, she pats his butt.  Oh no, I’m sitting next to a female Donald Trump!!! What is this country coming to?  In a shocked voice I ask, “Do you know him?”.  “Yes, he is my husband”, she says.  Whew!  Gratefully, this election season is almost over and we can go back to the Ceialis and Medicare ads instead of political ads!  Sadly, the summer and fall are coming to an end as well, the leaves have turned bright yellow, orange and red, falling to the ground and the mountains are dusted with snow.

Once again, Little Bow was fabulous!  And you too, my friendly Americans, can enjoy it!  I marked off about 20 acres for all of you who feel that you may have to transplant to Canada, depending on the outcome of the elections.  (Oh those darn elections!  Half of the conversations in Canada were just plain teasing me for being an American and what are we thinking?)

Although we did not get the waterslide up and running this year, there were a lot of rainy days, Bill did make improvements, adding a ramp and slide to get you going faster out the gate.  That didn’t keep us from entertaining ourselves and friends.




We had horseshoe contests (Thanks Dad for guidance),



an invented new golf match, with many a lost golf ball,



and hours spent lingering on our raft, enjoying friends as they tied up to chat.

relax raft


To live up to Bill’s rule of 2 hours of work a day, I painted another birdhouse and helped him right the outhouse, well at least consulted.

outhouse randy-bill

Bill was so proud of his truck after pulling Dennis and Donna out of the mud!


At one point this summer, I drove from Canmore, Alberta to Kalispell, Montana for a week’s visit and what a beautiful drive and great time I had.  We kayaked, saw a play, played, and celebrated our birthdays together, basically having another great time, which we always do.

kayakk-k where


Once back in Park City, I have had a great time being Nana! along with a great friend, Jinx and her granddaughters.


time spent with my sister Kristin, visiting from Honduras…

the 3rd Annual Ladies Frisbee Golf Tournament with friends and family,


and Whitney Berger makes the win!!!!whit

Hooked up with old friends.


and took part in the 1st Annual Shotski (Wasatch Brewery’s 30th anniversary), volunteering with my brother, Jim, and sister-in-law, Robin, to get it all set up…


practicing ahead of time….


and finally, helping set a world record, 1091 shots!

readyAt the end of September, Bill and I reunited in Boston to visit Whitney, Jason, and Kennedy.  Bill had never been to Boston so we explored, riding the ‘T’, taking a Duck Tour, and topping it off with a visit to Cheers!




Bill really bonded with Kennedy, which was really fun to watch.

One day, we drove to Maine, walked along the water and then ended our day in Salem, Mass.  So much to see there.

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-6-56-32-pm screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-6-56-15-pm


One of the highlights of the trip was going to Fenway Park to watch the Toronto Blue Jays beat the Boston Red Sox!  We started the evening at dinner with my darling niece, Claire, who is a sophomore at Boston U…


then headed over to the park.

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-6-58-51-pm It started to rain, so we headed to a bar with a window looking right onto center field with Whitney and Jason, Dave and Amanda.


It was so hard to leave Whitney, Jason and their little monkey.  Love them to death!!!!


Now it is time turn off the T.V., pack up and head south for the winter, get away from the crazy U.S politics and focus on sailing.  Stay tuned for progress on the selling and buying of boats.


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Loving the Land!

We have been busy on land this spring and summer.  Most recently, we are at Little Bow and Bill has a requirement of 2 hours a day of work.  Well…I have easily banked 3 days doing things around here but honestly, it is so great out here, the work is worth it.  Today was a mowing day, using the lawnmower, weedwacker, and tractor. A lot of area to mow!



Another work day included righting the outhouse that had blown over last winter.  It took great minds (thanks Randy for the A-OK) and a good tractor to get her standing again, minus most of the roof.

oh no




We always find time at the end of the day, however, to enjoy the lake and wonderful company.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 10.06.38 AM


Once again, it was Wild Oats and Notes…the music festival in Tofield, AB and on the farm of a good friend, Brian!  So many people work so hard to make this incredible event a success!


Most of the time, the weather cooperated……


but when it rained, it poured, making it almost impossible for the big RVs to move out.


We enjoyed fabulous music, great friends, and scenic surroundings!




I volunteered this year and got to work backstage, keeping the musicians fed and hydrated.  I enjoyed a totally different perspective and met some very talented people.



Back in Canmore, we have tried to get out and enjoy the gorgeous scenery, when weather permits.


Bill was also busy all spring enlarging and enclosing the front entrance to his house.  What a great improvement!

under construction


What did I do on land all Spring?  Watched it hail and snow,

hail snow

had great ‘Nana’ times,



boots claire

spent time with brothers and old friends,

bros bambi

and cheered on my son, Andy, as he received his hard earned Masters of Education.  (Thanks to his great wife, Jana, for all her support for his success.  The rolls were reversed two years ago, when she received her Masters of Education too).  I am so proud of these two!!!


On my way to Calgary, I detoured to Boston and spent a week with Whitney, Jason, and my darling Kennedy!

kenken kennedy

I loved every minute with them and hated to say good-bye.  I’ll be back!!!

We are hoping all our loved ones are having a great summer, loving the land and the water!!!!





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As the Boat Swings….

From the title of this blog, you may think that I am going to talk about the soap opera like dramas that go on at the marinas and among some cruisers.  It would be easy to do, especially as cruisers gather almost daily in what they call a “Circle of Knowledge” along the dock or at a central location.  That is were we find out whose boat has been on the rocks, who is jumping ship, whose relationship is on the rocks, …gossip is huge.  The Circle of Knowledge also is a great place to pick salty old sailors brains about all the million things you can learn from their experience.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 1.40.30 PM

But, I am really going to share, literally, about the boat swinging on and around its anchor.  Just Dandy weighs in at about 9880 pounds.  Most newer, bigger boats are about 18,000 pounds.  Because we are so light, when we are at anchor, we literally swing, we swing left, we swing right, providing us with a panoramic view of any bay we are in or any boat that is in the bay.  It is pretty fun to have the binoculars out as we swing so that we (actually I am the nosey one) can see what boats are in the bay with us.


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.41.27 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.42.35 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.42.48 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.43.04 PM(Taking photos of some of the views and vistas just don’t do these areas justice nor can you feel the movement of the boat).

For Christmas, Bill gave me “The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western North America”.  We have taken to trying to identify the birds that fly around us but who knew there were soooooo many birds that look alike?  This also gives me an excuse to use the binoculars to study them, or truthfully to scope out other boats some more and see what is going on.  My favorite so far is the French boat with the guy in a speedo!

AT least I can identify these two… A seagull who loved sitting and pooping on our dinghy. Fortunately, he wasn’t eating the fish he caught and leaving blood all over the dinghy like the pelicans do.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 3.00.38 PM

a roadrunner, who was running around like the wiley coyote was after him.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 3.00.49 PM

Talk about as the boat swings, one night was like the West Coast Swing or Mister Toad’s Wild Ride!  We had heard that a storm was coming down from California and had returned to Puerto Escondido to ride it out.  We came in and dropped anchor in the “Elipse” which is a man-made anchorage, so the bottom is not sandy and not ideal for dropping an anchor. The wind started about 9:00 pm and was quickly gusting up 40-50 knots.  We felt that our anchor was not holding so we kept using our scope to check if we were closing in on other boats and we were!  So we had to re-drop our anchor but as we were doing that, the winds got worse and we were being blown all over.  Luckily we were able to hook onto a mooring ball.  However, the mooring ball has been there a while and we weren’t sure if it wass still strong, but we seemed to be holding.

The gusts had us swinging quickly from side to side and if the wind hit us right, it laid us on our side (or at least it felt like it).  Things inside the cabin went flying!  We donned our life jackets, pulled out bumpers and ropes just in case and prepared to ride it out.  With the ball around our anchor, we couldn’t move plus the wind was too strong to pull the anchor again.  To make matters worse, others were on the radio with their own issues and we were witnessing other boats with anchors that weren’t holding. Once we determined that the mooring ball was holding, however, we relaxed a little and played ‘Skipbo’ (cards) most of the night, just in case.  What a long night!!! And the next day, it hailed! (About the size of peas)

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 3.05.19 PM

Boy, did we all celebrate afterwards too!

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.54.03 PM

Brian and Sharon on Music (from Alberta)

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.54.12 PM

Dennis and Donna on EZ Duz It (also from Alberta)  Gotta love those crazy Canadians!!!

Meanwhile, while the boat swings to and fro at anchor, we take ourselves ashore.  Once again I was asked to give some basketmaking instruction, so several of us gathered around the tineda (store) in Puerto Escondido and made baskets.  I’m getting to be known as the basket lady but Bill calls me ‘basket case’.  As I am teaching more and more people to basket weave, I am quickly putting myself out of business when it comes time to sell at a craft fair but the time spent gathered and chatting is well worth it!

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 7.07.15 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 7.07.30 PM

Sadly, our 3rd season has come to a close.  We have learned more, rekindled friendships, and made new friends.  One of the best parts of the winter was having people come visit us and being able to take them out and show them what we love to do.  We hope that continues next year.  Just Dandy is put to bed but also been put up for sale.  We love this life so much, we are looking for a bigger boat that will be a little less like camping and allow for friends and family to come visit comfortably!

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 7.08.09 PM

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Hunkered Down…

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 7.04.22 PM

We have heard over the last two years about being unable to go sailing because of the ‘northerlies’ or ‘blows’.  This means that the winds are coming from the north straight down the Sea of Cortez at quite a howl which makes the waves ‘square’ and too hard and dangerous to sail into.  In fact, they close the Port of La Paz.  As a result we have been ‘hunkered down’ or unable to go sailing at all.  Needless to say, we are anxious to get out of here and visit some of our favorite spots and discover new ones.

Daily, we check weather websites to see what is on the horizon.  This site,, is a great visual site!
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So what have we been doing with our time while we are ‘hunkered down’?  Definitey, making the best of it!  We ventured out to this great theater that serves us food and drinks at our seats and has reclining seats with friends from the dock to see Star Wars,Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 9.13.42 PMwandered around local neighborhoods and come across very interesting little parks.

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Bill played in a Cribbage contest, didn’t win, but claiming 2nd place,


while I sold my baskets at a craft sale, (These were both fundraisers for the local orphanages)
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and as a result have been giving basketmaking classes.


We have driven to the town of La Ventana, which is very popular with kite surfers.  After talking to some of the kitesurfer and being informed that there is a steep learning curve, Bill and I feel that might have to come off the bucket list.


We also had a very special visit with Bill’s long time and my newer friends, Robert and Brenda Clark, from the Edmonton area.  They came down for about 10 days and we really had a great time, spending 2 nights and 3 days out at sea.  One night we were able to keep Bill up until about 9:00 pm which is almost a record!

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In between all this ‘hunkering down’, I flew to Park City, Utah to spend Christmas with my great family.  It was very snowy and cold but a perfect Christmas!


The Andy Tullis family on Christmas Day.  Jana’s mother made the suits for Jana and the girls.  The hats make their heads look large but actually their helmets are underneath!  They made quite an impression on other skiers!

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Our sailing skills are not improving much sitting here at the marina, although Bill is now very acquainted with the head.  He has had to repair different parts of it over the last two months.  We are planning on leaving in the next day or two and heading north for the next 4 – 6 weeks.  Can’t wait to get out there and really sail!  Will do another blog upon our return.

Check out the Photo Gallery for more photos!

PS:  Here is another one for you Tommy, that’s 2 blogs!

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